A Complete Approach 


We are the only business to provide both self-defense instruction from accomplished martial artists and gendered violence prevention strategies grounded in modern social scientific scholarship. In a nutshell, we are both brains AND brawn! 

Real Information 


Invicta has spent over a decade doing academic research. We take violence prevention very seriously and keep updated on the most recent psychological, sociological and criminological research so that we can answer your questions and bring you real information (no outdated or decontextualized statistics or well-intentioned advice steeped in sexism in our workshops!). 

Female Instructors 


No one understands the fears and anxieties that women have about self-defense and violence better than other women. Having female instructors creates a comfortable, empowering and safe environment. A co-ed team is also available.

Founder’s Notes

Most self-defense courses offer techniques that are overly complicated, unrealistic and often require a martial arts background to execute effectively. Invicta offers a refreshingly simple approach that couples effective self-defense moves with important information and violence prevention strategies for a thorough approach to self-protection.  It is important to note that self-defense should be understood as only one part of broader violence prevention strategies that aim to change society's behaviours and attitudes - that's where gendered violence prevention truly starts. However, while we work to change these larger structures, we must still give women the tools to keep themselves safe.