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Alexis Fabricius 

Head Instructor 


Alexis has been training in martial arts for the past nineteen years. She has a strong background in Shaolin Kempo, with ranks and experience that includes:


Martial arts background:

  • 3rd degree black sash in Saholin Ch'uan Fa Five Animal Fist Form Kung Fu

  • 2nd degree black belt in Shotokan karate

  • Brown belt in kickboxing

  • 18 years of Japanese ju-jitsu

  • 10 years of weapons training

  • Experience in Krav Maga with the International Krav Maga Federation (IKMF)

  • Trained with some of the best instructors in North America, Europe and beyond from the YKKF, IKMF, CKKA, and other federations

Women's self-defense background:

  • 15 years of women's self-defense instruction

  • Taught self-defense with the Toronto Police for Project Improve (2012)

  • Has taught women's self-defense with numerous large companies, community organizations and schools

  • Many years of teaching adults, children/youth, and working with diverse communities (LGBTQ, blind/visually impaired, women's shelters, immigration centres, professionals who are one-on-one with clients, at-risk girls, youth shelters, etc.)

Media appearances:

  • TV:

  • Radio:

    • (2017) Violence Against Visually Impaired Women – Radio Interview. Accessible Media Inc.’s
      Kelly and Company
      . (October 23).

    • (2017) Violence Against Visually Impaired Women – Radio Interview. Accessible Media Inc.’s
      Live from Studio 5.
      (October 26).

    • (2013) How to Avoid Being a Victim – Interview. Women Connect 4 Good. [Podcast]. (Sept 2).

Academic background:

  • Hons BA (2007) York University; Hons BA (2018) York University - Psychology and gendered violence prevention

  • MA (2009) University of Toronto;  MA (2020) University of Guelph - Applied Social Psychology

  • PhD (in progress) University of Guelph - Applied Social Psychology

  • Conference presentations on feminism, gendered violence prevention strategies, women's self-defense

    • San Francisco, CA (2014); Philadelphia, PA (2018); Guelph (2019); Newport, RI (2019)

  • Journal and popular media publications





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