Violence prevention and a safer way to live 

Self-defense workshop at your home (private events)

We are happy to come to your home or another space that you provide to offer self-defense workshops. Classes run for 2.5-3 hours and cover both violence prevention and physical self-defense techniques. We don't need much space, so even a living room or backyard usually suffice if you're hosting a small group.

Minimum 6 participants.

$75/person (flat rate)

Self-defense workshops at your workplace

Whether you are looking at doing team building, or empowering your staff, or even just for a fun and informative activity, we are happy to come to your workplace to provide you with a workshop. We provide all necessary equipment; you just need to provide us with a space.

Workshops are typically 3hours, though can be customized to meet your unique needs.

Information on prevention can be delivered through discussion-style engagement, or through PowerPoint presentations.


Please contact us for specifics and a quote.

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